Environmental Well Drilling Contractors

Since 1990, Geologic Exploration, Inc. has provided regional environmental drilling and injection services at over 14,000 sites throughout the southeast and beyond. Based in Statesville, NC, we provide clients with the tools for success through our modern drilling fleet, uncompromising safety and quality, expert training and experience and superior customer service.

Limited Access Air Drilling

At Geologic Exploration (GEX), we specialize in providing equipment and resources for any drilling need that our customers may require.  One of those specialized resources is being able to drill into bedrock at sites that cannot accommodate a full-sized truck mounted, air rotary drill. GEX has a fleet of 3 small footprint, track-mounted, multi-purpose drills that can perform direct push (DPT), hollow stem auger, mud or air rotary drilling. The video demonstrates the small amount of space required to conduct air rotary drilling. The weight of the machines are 17,500 pounds or less and exert pressure of less than 9.4 psi on the ground, compared to 16 psi exerted by an average human or 30 psi exerted by an average personal vehicle.  Rig dimensions are as low as 80” (6.7’) wide x 190” (15.9’) long x 232” (19.4’) tall (during drilling).

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