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8040DT is here!
Geologic Exploration is proud to announce the delivery of its newest addition to its drilling fleet, a Geoprobe 8040DT. This machine will be utilized for driving casing for well installation, auger drilling, rock coring, mud and air rotary work among other tasks. This rig is track mounted on a low ground pressure carrier giving it access to drilling in all types of terrain. The 8040DT is loaded with all types of new features to assist in air rotary and rock coring plus the ability to drive large casing to minimize IDW. Call today to put it to work for you.


Since 1990, Geologic Exploration, Inc. has provided regional environmental and geotechnical drilling services at over 10,000 sites throughout the southeast.  Based in Statesville, NC, we provide clients with the tools for success through our uncompromising safety and quality, expert training and experience, and superior customer service.


Whether it is contamination assessment drilling, geotechnical sampling, or well abandonment services, Geologic Exploration has the equipment and experienced staff for your project. Our team of drill operators have unparalleled expertise, safety training, and field experience. Our safety program is designed to fully address the risks related to such services while meeting OSHA requirements and minimizing risk for both the client and our employees.


For more information or to speak with someone about your specialized needs for an upcoming project, please contact us at 704-872-7686.

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