What We Do

 Geologic Exploration, Inc. operates primarily in the southeast service area where our drillers are licensed in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee. We specialize in contamination assessment drilling related to underground storage tanks, dry cleaning facilities, landfills, industrial sites, and hazardous waste facilities. In addition, we install recovery wells up to twelve inches in diameter and provide injection services.  

 The first and most crucial piece of a drilling project is excellent project management. Our qualified project managers assess client needs and guide both client and staff towards the best solution. While proper equipment is also key to project success, experienced and competent operators are critical to achieving project goals. Our staff work as a team with the client to meet these goals in the most efficient and affordable manner. 

Our Services Include



  • Drilling/Well Installation
  • Probing Services
  • Injection Services
  • Geotechnical Sampling
  • Packer Testing
  • Well Abandonment
  • Dewatering
  • Pump Service